Our Work:

Every year in the US an average 600,000 individuals are released from prisons to reenter our communities.  We know that without adequate community support, quality housing, and meaningful employment many of these individuals will struggle to thrive with their new found freedom.  We are passionate about seeing this population receive a second chance and opportunity to be all that God intended them to be.

    “Who the son sets free is free indeed.” John 8:36

    Four Key

    Reentry Supports

    We are passionate about seeing this population receive a second chance and opportunity to be all that God intended them to be. To best serve this population The Dalton Foundation provides four key reentry supports through relink.org and other partnerships.

    Nonprofit Partners

    We work closely with non-profit partners that work in the prisons and throughout parole to prepare individuals both spiritually and practically for reentry.


    We partner with employers like reLink Medical to support second-chance employment opportunities.

    Community Resources

    We provide over 11,000 community resource options via the relink.org database to quickly connect individuals with the help and support they need.

    Statewide Support

    We collaborate with the statewide reentry community to support coalitions and host educational webinars society.


    workforce development

    The unemployment rate for those who have returned home from prison is nearly 70%. Without gainful employment many will fall back into the temptation of crime.  But fear and stigma often make it difficult for those reentering to find employment.   The Dalton Foundation in partnership with reLink Medical, True Freedom Ministries, and The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections are proud to collaborate on a  work force development initiative with the Grafton Reintegration Center that provides real-life work experience during the last several months of qualified individuals sentences and provides second chance employment opportunities upon release.

    You can read more about this program here.

    reentry resources on


    A person leaving incarceration needs on average 20-25 different resources to successfully launch.  From housing to jobs, from a driver’s license to job training – relink.org has it all in one free easy-to-use platform. The reentry resources are the most searched across the state of Ohio and really validates the need people have for these community resources.  The Dalton Foundation is proud to have started the relink.org project and is grateful to additional partners that help sustain and improve the site. 

    Click here to learn about ways you can support the relink.org project.

    Working  Together

    Education & Collaboration

    The relink.org team organizes and hosts webinars and meetings to support reentry leaders, individuals reentering, and their families.  Topics include:

    • Affordable housing
    • Second chance employment
    • Addressing substance abuse disorder in the reentry population

    In addition, the team also serves on reentry coalitions and statewide planning committees to support the reentry community.