Our Work:
Addiction Recovery

Substance use disorder is a significant problem in Ohio and is costing unnecessary loss of life and is having a significant negative impact on the next generation of children. The addition of fentanyl to drugs like heroin, cocaine, and even ADHD medications has caused overdose incidence and deaths to rise dramatically. This is truly a life and death crisis.  Despite numerous statewide efforts, overdose deaths continue to rise in Ohio.  We believe that recovery is possible and requires a community of support that focuses on spiritual, mental, and physical recovery.  We support the organizations on the front-lines walking with individuals step-by-step through their recovery.

“For with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26


Recovery resource database

The Dalton Foundation in partnership with the State of Ohio proudly launched the relink.org project in 2017 to address tho Opioid epidemic in Ohio. According to SAMSHA, the average person recovering from substance use disorder will need over 38 unique community resources over the course of 5 or more years to achieve complete recovery.  relink.org exists to provide quick links to these community resources encompassing this entire continuum of care. Annually, relink.org provides over 230,000 resource connections to over 53,000 users throughout Ohio.

Community Partnerships

Education & colLaboration

The relink.org team participates in dozens of community events to support the recovery community and create awareness of the support network that is available. In addition, webinars are held monthly on topics related to substance use disorder to educate and convene the recovering community and providers.

We have partnered with BaseCamp Recovery to offer a series of short training sessions for families that have a loved one that struggles with addiction. These short, impactful videos are designed to help reduce stigma and help families cope and adapt.