As an organization following the teachings of Christ, The Dalton Foundation exists to demonstrate the message of grace and salvation by promoting unity, connection, collaboration, and community while developing sustainability and supporting organizations working to help the least of these.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ

Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in

advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

for the Least of these

Our Pillars of Care

At the Dalton Foundation, it is our desire to serve and support those who find themselves in circumstances where it is difficult or impossible to help themselves. We do this through the faith community and our Four Pillars of Care. 


‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these,

you did not do for me.’ – Matthew 25:45

Recovery & Reentry

Assisting those battling addiction or returning home from incarceration

Reconnecting with society can be extremely difficult for men and women who have been incarcerated or are recovering from addiction. Most of them look eagerly toward contributing to their families and communities, but they may not know where to start. They often also face scrutiny and frustratingly high barriers rather than encouragement and support.  We seek to support partners as they work to return previously incarcerated citizens and those in recovery from addiction disorders successfully back into society. These partners will provide caring support of basic needs, support services, housing, job assessment, education, and life skills training leading to sustainable meaningful employment.


Supporting & Empowering Women and Children

At The Dalton Foundation we are passionate about supporting and strengthening the next generation of leaders, and about giving women the tools they need today to contribute to the prosperity of their communities and countries. We welcome the opportunity to provide grants and strategic guidance to partners that reach out to women and children to fulfill basic needs improve pregnancy outcomes, and provide access to education, job training and mentorship. Our goal is to help these individuals make the most of their God-given talents to improve their own lives as well as the lives of those around them.


Improving access to care and supporting high-quality healthcare programs in Low-Resource areas

We apply our three-step strategic approach in all of our healthcare endeavors.  First, we utilize technology to understand what is already being done in a given area and to what capacity.  Then we seek to communicate and collaborate with as many people and organizations in the area as possible to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and their underlying causes.  Finally, we take the data we collect and the relationships we’ve built to strategically design and implement strategic and impactful health systems strengthening projects.  Currently, we are implementing an “Equipping the Caregivers” project that is designed to get key diagnostic medical equipment into the hands of the front-line primary care providers.  We also work with intermediate and specialized healthcare facilities to modernize and standardize key medical equipment that directly increases facility capacity and dramatically improves the quality of care.


Assisting the Men and Woman who bravely fought for our country.

Our Freedom is not free. There is a real human cost to the freedoms we enjoy and benefit from daily; the men and women who see our freedom as sacred, the most precious of all ideals, and are willing to give their lives to defend it.  We seek to provide grants to community partners dedicated to those who have served. Connecting back into society can be extremely difficult for returning veterans. Most are eager to contribute to their families and communities but may not know where to start. We recognize the enormous sacrifice these individuals and their family’s make to serve our great nation. Our goal is to help create a path of support, empowerment and employment to assist Veterans with re-connection and opportunities for meaningful work.

how we work

our process


Understand the Landscape

  • Value and utilize technology to map the healthcare landscape of any region or organization we work with
  • Gather data on all organizations currently providing services and areas they serve including data on the capacity to deliver services
  • Create an understanding of existing work being done within the scope of identified issues
  • Analyze the data and use it to identify key problems and gaps in the marketplace


Educate, Connect, & Collaborate

  • Host regional and national conference to bring players in the landscape together

These forums allow us to:

  • Develop best practices
  • Offer trainings
  • Discuss practical solutions to problems
  • Reduce silo’ing and create community
  • Identify key leaders / providers


Develop & Implement Solutions

  • Use data collected and relationships with key leaders to design programs that will have the most impact and effectiveness
  • Get detailed feedback from key partners to prioritized and address challenges
  • Develop a strategic plan to solve the problems – Better, faster, & cheaper thanks to the data, collaboration & partnerships

What we do

Our Current Programs

Connecting people in

need to local addiction

recovery, human trafficking,

and reentry services

People recovering from substance use disorder and reentering society can need upwards of 70 unique services along their journey from detox to employment and complete restoration. is a tech-enabled solution designed with this continuum of care in mind.  The result is a robust, agile search tool that geolocates and quickly connects people and providers to these greatly needed resources.  The database can be adapted to include various geographies and marketplaces with plans to expand throughout the country.

Connecting the right

healthcare service,

to the right person,

at the right time

Lack of communication and connectivity in developing nations is a big problem that directly reduces access to care. was designed to quickly link caregivers and patients with healthcare providers, facilities, and key diagnostics so they can identify life-saving resources quickly.  This digital technology solution has been designed to work in any nation with translation and expansion capabilities and quickly identifies areas that lack key healthcare resources.

Connecting organizations

with low-cost, appropriate

medical devices

reLink Medical is a medical equipment disposition company that re-purposes and recycles tens of thousands of medical devices every month and re-purposes them into different, appropriate marketplace.  reLink360 is a unique partnership with The Dalton Foundation that allows organizations to consign any equipment they cannot utilize.  reLink Medical handles the pickup, sale, and delivery of the equipment and the organization receives 50% of the proceeds.  These funds can then be used to fund medical programs and ministries of the organization.  In addition, The Dalton Foundation works closely with partners and reLink Medical to place appropriate medical devices in low to middle income countries.

Connecting and Collaborating with Healthcare Providers in Haiti 

The Haiti Health Network was formed in 2018 through merger and collaboration between The Dalton Foundation and The Cap Haitien Health Network to create connectivity and collaboration between all types of organizations providing healthcare in Haiti. The goals of this project are to  improve and expand upon sustainability of medical operations, increase access to healthcare, improve the quality of care, connect people in need with the healthcare resources they need and much more. 

What we do

our projects

Medical Equipment Modernization

& Standardization in Northern Haiti

From the mapping work from Relink Global Health and the community created from the Haiti Health Network, we have implemented this comprehensive medical equipment program that focuses on both clinical and technical training and maintenance plans.

To learn more about this project, check out our latest update for Phase 1 and Phase 2 here.

Reentry Workforce Development

Helping people overcome difficult circumstances, is one of the things we are passionate about at The Dalton Foundation. That is why supporting the work of reentry ministries is one of our main focus areas.  We believe that for a person to truly leave their past behind and make a fresh start, they need a good, fulfilling job. 

While finding a job is an essential component to successful reentry, finding these jobs after incarceration is never easy; the unemployment rate for those who have returned home from prison is 70%. That is why The Dalton Foundation in partnership with reLink Medical, True Freedom Ministries, and The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has launched the Work Force Development Collaborative at the Grafton Correctional Facility. Read more about this program here.



Equipping The Caregivers 

The Dalton Foundation understands that with any chronic health condition, loved ones of the patient are greatly affected. Giving the family and friends of someone with a chronic illness the tools, support and education they need to not only survive this process but thrive, is crucial. An illness often raises concern for the stability of the family structure, and a a lack of a supportive foundation for the patient can interfere with treatment. 



reLink360 Ohio Health 

Ohio Health is a reLink360 partner and donates all of their out of date equipment to The Dalton Foundation.  We then re-purpose and redistribute this equipment to our vetted partners around the world that most need it.  Thanks to the Ohio Health partnership we have been able to begin standardizing equipment like patient monitoring and sterilization in some of the key hospitals in Haiti.

who we work with

our partners

Medical Partners

The Cap Haitien Health Network
Cap Haitien Haiti

Hope Smiles
Haiti, Uganda, US

Haitien Christian Outreach
Paredo Haiti

St. Luke’s Hospital
Port au Prince Haiti

St Damien’s Hospital
Petit Friars e souers
Port au Prince Haiti

Primary Care Haiti

Worldwide Biomedical Charities

St. Boniface Hospital
Fond de Blanc Haiti

EGBE Hospital

Hospital Bienfaisance
de Pignon Haiti

New Hope Hospital
Plain du Nord Haiti

Innovating Health International
Tabarre Haiti


Access Medical Supplies

EUGESA Medical Equipment

MDF Instruments

reLink Medical

dak Foundation

Ohio Health

recovery & reentry partners

True Freedom Ministries
Cleveland, OH

True Freedom Enterprises
Cleveland, OH

Greater than Heroin
Northern Ohio

Broken Chains Ministries
Akron, OH

New Destiny Treatment Centers
Clinton, OH

Lower Lights Ministries
Columbus, OH

The Warrior’s Journey
Springfield, MO

Hope Over Heroin

The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Families Impacted By Opioids
North Olmsted, OH

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives

women’s & Children’s (Human Trafficking) Partners

Progeny Family Training Center
Canal Winchester, OH

Freedom Grows
Xenia, OH

Eyes Up Appalachia
Nelsonville, OH

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