About relinkglobalhealth.org

All over the developing world, organizations are working to serve and meet the healthcare needs of the populations. With little outside funding or income, organizations face immense challenges delivering quality, consistent healthcare services.  We believe that by using technology to connect organizations, patients, Providers, and suppliers you can improve quality, efficiency, and ultimately save more lives.

Today there is no user-friendly, searchable Provider platform organized to quickly return real-time information to individuals and organizations with immediate needs. relinkglobalhealth.org is an easy to use, searchable, real-time service portal to connect patients and Providers with the medical resources they so desperately need.

relinkglobalhealth.org bridges the gap  – One visit… to one website… with simple to use prompts. 

relinkglobalhealth.org will collect all known Providers serving the country, creating an easy to use digital Provider marketplace which will then organize and display Service Providers grouped by geolocation and types of service. 

relinkglobalhealth.org will offer real-time information and connection, dramatically streamlining needed services to individuals in-need.