About relink.org

The population seeking assistance for re-entry from incarceration and addiction recovery has reached larger numbers in the United States than we have seen in decades, while the network of providers has continued to remain fragmented, siloed, and confusing to navigate for those in-need. People in-need are unaware of the services and their providers in their own neighborhood, while those very service providers are unsure how to get their message out to the men and women who need to hear them.

Today there is no user-friendly, searchable Service Provider platform organized to quickly return real-time information to individuals with immediate need. relink.org is an easy to use, searchable, real-time service portal to assist in-need individuals in their movements of immediate need.

relink.org bridges the gap – One visit… to one website… with simple to use prompts.

relink.org will collect all known Providers serving the in-need population, creating an easy to use digital provider marketplace which will then organize and display Service Providers grouped by geolocation and types of service. reLink.org will offer real-time information and connection, dramatically streamlining providing needed services to individuals in-need.