A Letter From the Founders

When we established the Dalton Foundation in 1999, we had a vision: to impact men, women and children worldwide through education, training and access to improved healthcare. We were very excited about the prospect of reaching out to those in greatest need, because we knew we could bring the nonprofit organizations serving them not only financial resources to support their life-saving efforts but also business acumen to support their strategic efforts.

Since that time, our faith-based foundation has helped men and women who have lost their homes, children who have lost their parents, incarcerated individuals who have lost their way, and entire communities who have suffered needlessly as the result of inadequate healthcare. We look to continue this meaningful work through alliances with organizations who share our commitment to providing loving support and resources to our brothers and sisters both here in the United States and Around the world.

We would be delighted to learn more about your efforts and explore the possibilities of working together toward a more compassionate and caring world.

In faith and peace

A. Ray Dalton, Founder

Jan Dalton, Founder

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