2020, despite its challenges, has really been a year of unprecedented growth for the Dalton Foundation and the work we support in Haiti.  We’ve challenged our team to push through the obstacles and focus on the things we can do to strengthen healthcare in Haiti and we’ve seen significant results in all three steps that govern our approach.

Partnerships with key Haiti Ministry of Health officials have been key to accelerating the rate and effectiveness of team has had when it comes to collecting facility data for the reLink Global Health mapping project.  As 2020 closes we will have completed mapping work for 7 of the 10 departments and will complete the work in early 2020.

The Haiti Health Network has exponentially increased its educational activities and has hosted 13 webinars and hosted over 40 healthcare meetings with members.  Partnerships with the Haiti Education Network and Haiti Medical Aid Project have greatly accelerated the number or educational events that can be hosted, and the impact has been profound!  Hundreds of Haitian and US healthcare professionals have connected to these learning and networking opportunities and attendance continues to climb every month.

Our two key projects, “Medical Equipment Modernization & Standardization” and “Equipping the Caregivers” are rapidly progressing due to key donations from Ohio Health Hospital System and the support of reLink Medical and their 360 program.  Donations and funds from these supporters fund these project activities. In addition, we have received some key donations from The DAK Foundation that have allowed us to drastically improve oxygen therapy management in Northern Haiti.  Our last container for 2020 is bound for Haiti and contains crucial equipment and supplies to continue expansion of these programs.

We’d like to thank all of our partners and look forward to an exciting 2021!