“If you first set out to do good, making money will follow.”

This is the mantra Ray Dalton, founder of The Dalton Foundation, has followed his entire professional career. So it was no surprise that when he started reLink Medical in 2015, he made it a priority to develop a culture that cares for its employees, customers and community as a whole.

This commitment was demonstrated in full when reLink Medical stepped up to help an 18-year-old paraplegic named Cole Shepperd. Cole was involved in a serious boating accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. After a long hospital stay, Cole was finally able to return home. To accommodate Cole’s needs, the layout and design of the house had to be modified, and Cole required special equipment to get by.

While the new set-up helped Cole live his daily life, his bed was creating safety issues. “Cole was suffering from seizures and was getting entangled in the smaller bed he was using,” Cole’s grandmother, Cathy Caito explains. “The risk of injury was great and it was obvious that Cole needed something larger.”

Fortunately, Cole had family and friends on his side who were able to track down the needed bed at Indiana University Health. However, because of certain regulations, the bed could not be donated directly to the family. But, still, the hospital wanted to help.

IU Health, which partners with reLink Medical for their equipment disposition, contacted them to see if there was anything the company could do to help.

Cole Shepperd next to the bed donated by reLink Medical

reLink stepped up to the plate. Working with the Dalton Foundation, reLink quickly identified an appropriate bed that had been received from another partner. Within a few days, the reLink Medical logistics team arranged to deliver the bed along with a new mattress and padding to Cole’s home.

“I am extremely grateful to relink Medical, IU Health, The Dalton Foundation, and the entire Indianapolis community for supporting Cole and our entire family in our time of need,” said Cathy Caito. “I was really touched that so many people came to our aid.”

The project was a labor of love for everyone involved. “I can’t tell you how deeply moving this was for me,” said reLink Medical Relationship Manager, Kathy Sullivan. “I’m honored to have worked with The Dalton Foundation on this important effort.”

We’re happy to report that Cole Shepperd is sleeping safely at nights, as the family continues to work to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives.

reLink Medical and Dalton Foundation Team preparing Cole’s bed for delivery

To learn more about reLink Medical and The Dalton Foundation, reach out to info@thedaltonfoundation.org.