When Ray Dalton married Jan Burkle nearly four decades ago, no one would have imagined the impact that this budding family would have on the business community or the philanthropic work they would support as a result of business successes.  Over the past 4 decades, rooted in their strong Christian faith, the Dalton’s raised five wonderful children and saw 10 businesses launch and grow.  With these blessings comes the responsibility of intentional financial stewardship. In 1998, Ray and Jan started The Dalton Family Foundation to strategically give back to the community both here in Ohio and globally.

““For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time…”

Ephesians 2:10

Inspired by Ephesians 2:10- “For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time…”, Ray and Jan have focused Foundation giving on three main pillars: addiction recovery and reentry, healthcare, and women and children.  We live in a broken, fallen world and The Dalton Foundation’s giving is focused on helping those that find themselves in situations where they cannot help themselves. 

The Foundation works with individuals and organizations to provide strategic, sustainable solutions focused on the idea of a hand-UP instead of a hand-OUT.  The impact of the Foundation has been incredible, as not only financial and material resources are supplied, but also strategic organizational advice to help see organizations thrive in their ministries. The family tree has grown immensely over the years and is thriving and producing much fruit. 

In 2015, Ray Dalton launched the reLink family of organizations.   The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines relink as linking (something) again or to be linked again.  It is a perfect description of how the reLink family of organizations strategically links and relinks to maximize impact both in the non-profit and for-profit worlds. 

“This is to My Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, proving yourselves to be My disciples.”

John 15:8

The organizations work in harmony to support each other in all areas. They share advice and strategies, implement the pillars of focus in their hiring process by bringing formerly incarcerated employees, placing medical equipment in strategic places in low to middle income countries (LMIC), or supporting the addiction recovery community. Whatever it is, the reLink family of organizations do things as a team. 

In order to explain the intricacies of how the reLink family of organizations work together there needs to be an understanding of each individual organization. The first of the reLink family is the for-profit organization reLink Medical.  Led by two of the Dalton children, reLink Medical offers a comprehensive solution to hospitals for medical equipment disposition.  Through this work, tens of thousands of medical devices are processed in the warehouse and repurposed each month. 

reLink Medical and its staff focus intently on hospital support, employee development, and giving back in strategic ways.  Without reLink Medical most of the subsequent activities would not exist as it is from the profits from reLink Medical that other activities are funded.  These profits go to The Dalton Foundation, that then leads and operates the other reLink not-for-profit endeavors.

In 2017, the nonprofit Relink.org was started with funding from The Dalton Foundation in response to the opioid epidemic in Ohio.  Addiction and overdoses were rapidly on the rise in Ohio and trying to find resources to help a loved one was extremely difficult.  No one knew where to find treatment centers or detox beds and the entire continuum of care for a person in recovery was never considered.  Relink.org was launched to solve this huge problem for the state.  Today there are over 7,200 organizations in the database and 64 unique service lines listed covering all 88 counties in Ohio.  It truly is a one-stop-shop place to look to help anyone struggling with addiction, caught in human trafficking, or coming out of incarceration.

Thousands of Ohioans use the site every month to find resources in their area.  In addition, relink.org is a thought leader and collaborator in the addiction recovery space in Ohio.  They host informative webinars to bring together the community around recovery-related topics and lead community drive-thru outreach events to offer support during amidst the isolation of COVID-19.  Recently, relink.org has added a live 24/7 phone number to the site that will connect those seeking addiction assistance with a recovery navigator to walk them through the process.  Click here to learn more about relink.org and this new live partnership.  Relink.org is always there when someone is ready to reach out for help.

Using the same technology developed for relink.org, The Dalton Foundation launched reLink Global Health in early 2018.  This is the leading edge of the healthcare pillar for The Dalton Foundation.  The online tool was developed to connect people and healthcare professionals to any and every healthcare resource they need in a given country.  The work began in the country of Haiti where the need is immense. The WHO reports that Haiti has only 2.4 physicians, 1 nurse and 3.1 auxiliaries per 10,000 people.  The team knew they had to do something to link together the resources that did exist and increase access to these facilities. 

The reLink Global Health database currently has over 2,200 organizations and individuals working in Haiti to provide healthcare. It not only captures healthcare facility and service data, but also collects detailed capacity data to understand the ability of an organization to provide consistent high-quality healthcare.  The data is fascinating and is used by governments and funders to design strategic, impactful projects. 

In addition, the reLink Global health team has been instrumental is forming and leading The Haiti Healthcare Network which consists of over 550 medical professionals who work in and support Haiti.  They host bi-weekly meetings and monthly webinars to provide education and a platform for collaboration.  The work has been vital for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In late 2019, using the data from the reLink Global Health database, the team began designing and implementing strategic projects in Northern Haiti in partnership with the Ministry of Health in the areas of medical equipment procurement and management. 

ReLink Family Impact Summary

The best part of this story is how the relink family of organizations work together to impact so many lives!

reLink Medical Hospital customers donate equipment to The Dalton Foundation and reLink Global HealthThis allows reLink Global health to implement large scale projects like Equipping the Caregivers and Medical Equipment Modernization for pennies on the dollar.  For example, we were able to provide diagnostic care kits to 225 healthcare physicians for about $20K.  The value of the equipment alone was over three times that much not including shipping, customs, and staffing costs.  Without reLink Medical, reLink Global Health could not nearly reach as many healthcare facilities as they do.
reLink Global Health becomes a reLink Medical customer and buys strategic, appropriate equipment at low prices to place in LMICThe relink Global health team is able to stretch every dollar to provide the best equipment to our hospital partners
reLink Medical launches workforce development program to offer meaningful employment to individuals coming out of incarceration or recovering from addictionThrough relationships relink.org has cultivated, individuals are identified for this program. Currently 53% of the employees in the reLink Medical warehouse have a history of incarceration and are part of the second chance program.
reLink Global Health team works with reLink Medical team to offer complete equipment packages at drastically reduced prices to orgs working all over Africa.This year, thus far, we’ve partnered with several hospital systems to provide over $100,000 of equipment while keeping costs for the orgs under $15,000
reLink Medical directly donates medical equipment to reLink Global Health for placement in LMICItems like IV poles, carts, scales, sphygmomanometers, and testing equipment are routinely donated directly to reLink Global health for placement
reLink Global Health introduces reLink Medical to International customersThe reLink Global Health team is able to share their relationship with other non-profit organizations so they can benefit from the reduced cost equipment opportunities and donations as well

This family of organizations is an example of how knitting together the business and philanthropy makes all orgs capable of doing more for less and having exponential impact. 

As we like to say: 1+1= Way more than 2